How Should Israelis Respond to Rise in Racism?

Article over at Zeek by Professor/Rabbi Marc Gopin and myself on a number of creative and wacky ways in which Israelis can respond to (and not just complain about) the rise of racism in their midst. Key quote:

As conflicts become protracted and complex there is a tendency to experience them in simplified terms: to bundle many interrelated and complex problems into one reaction–in this case, racism. There is also a tendency to see the problem originating from people’s personalities or dispositions, as opposed to particular situations. Thus we speak of racist people as opposed to racist behavior. Since dealing with this conflict involves dialogue, we can go a long way by improving the way we communicate with one another. As Hip-Hop blogger Jay Smooth put it, in talking to people about racism we need to differentiate between a “what they did conversation” and a “what they are conversation.” Doing so will not only improve our arguments, but also increase the possibility of a real and potentially transformative change in relationships to take place.

You can read the article here. If the spirit moves you, please share the article with your facebook world.

* The piece (in slightly shorter version) has been re-published by The Huffington Post.


One response to “How Should Israelis Respond to Rise in Racism?

  1. You know, Roi- this ‘racism’ junk has totally paralyzed America, and now your country is going to have it.
    You need to fight this. Because it will paralyze and kill off Israel.
    That is my opinion.

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