Israeli TV Tackles Racism

Israeli version of “What Would You Do?“. In this episode, Arabs are denied service at a kiosk in a gas station. How will the customers react? Translation is questionable (for example, “rightist” = “zionist”), but it gets the job done. H/T to my bro Yoni for letting me know about the show.


One response to “Israeli TV Tackles Racism

  1. This was very interesting to watch, and I was gratified to see how often other customers came to the aid of the Arab. I noticed, from these two clips, that the other customers seemed to be much more sympathetic toward the Arab woman than that first guy was to the Arab man. I wonder if this pattern was true in the overall experiment and what that says about the results. In particular, I wonder if the Israeli woman who left the store in tears would have responded the same way if the Arab customer was the man and not the woman. My guess is that race might not have been the only factor influencing the behavior of the other customers, but I don’t know. In any event, thank you for sharing this!

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