Leader(Ship) of Fools: Beware of the “Knesset A” Flotilla

* I wrote part of this after the flotilla incident, but did not publish it because I wanted to give the Netanyahu government more of a chance. In light of the Turkel Commission’s report and Israel’s pathetic performance vis-a-vis the peace process, I decided to republish the piece.

Psychologist speak of a fascinating phenomenon known as Inattentional Blindness – when our attention to something specific literally blinds us to something obvious others can easily see. In short: out of mind, out of sight.

A somewhat comical example of this (here) is a British commercial aimed at raising awareness about cyclists’ safety.

A not-so-comical example of “inattentional blindness” appeared last May following the violent confrontation at sea between Israeli forces and activists onboard the Mavi Marmara – a Turkish vessel carrying aid destined for Gaza (under Israeli blockade). Nine people were killed and several injured before the vessel was “escorted” to a port in Israel. In the aftermath of the events at sea, many Israelis were intensely focused on the logistics of the operation and making our case to the world.

Today, the Turkel Commission, an Israeli independent panel of inquiry, concluded that Israel’s soldiers were acting lawfully in self-defense and that the blockade on Gaza is not in contradiction to international law. With the findings of the commission, Israel is going on the offensive in a PR effort to spread its conclusions to the world.

But what exactly was missed? In what sense is the reaction of Israel and its supports an example of “inattentional blindness”? Believe it or not, the commission and the people actually missed another ship all together. One that surely represents a clear and present existential danger to the Jewish State. The name of this ship is the “Knesset A” (not to be confused with the “Karine A”: the Iranian-sponsored ship carrying over 50 tons of advanced weaponry that was intercepted by the Israelis in 2002.)

The “Knesset A” is actually much more dangerous than any ship Israel has ever intercepted. It’s crew – specializing in fear mongering and cloaked in the garment of self-righteousness and victimhood – is made up of pseudo-pragmatist, power-hungry megalomaniacs and ideological extremists who are (consciously or not) sinking Israel as a Jewish and democratic state.

The Knesset A can’t seem to stop, change course, or allow passengers to get off (remember that movie?). In order to defeat it, its enemies have to do nothing more than patiently sit and watch as the ship heads full-steam into an iceberg called reality.

Pity the passengers of the Knesset A – mutiny may be the only path to their salvation.


One response to “Leader(Ship) of Fools: Beware of the “Knesset A” Flotilla

  1. hmm… Roi, why don’t you tell us how you REALLY feel?

    Glad you did

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