Dumb and Dumber: Gene Simmons & Herman Cain Sound Off on Obama and Israel.

President Obama’s speech on the Middle East has inspired a lot of ridicules responses. But few trump Kiss co-frontman Gene Simmons’ confused tirade and GOP candidate Herman Cain’s embarrassingly ignorant “doctrine”. Roll tape!

Gene makes a good point, people who are not from the region should just shut up: he brilliantly drives this point home when talking about the Golan Heights in the context of the West Bank (oops), and referring to PM Netanyahu as el presidente 😉 Oh, how I miss the days when Gene Simmons’ contribution to society consisted of writing and singing about fucking underaged girls. This idiot is the Donald Trump of music – and I mean that in the worst possible way.

Next, Cain explains his so called “Cain doctrine” regarding Israel/Palestine, which might as well have been written by his morally obtuse biblical namesake. Unfortunately for the presidential hopeful, he unambiguously exposed his profound ignorance of the conflict. Notice the blank cow-like stare when asked, “where do you stand on the right of return?” Talk about a (pizza) pie in the face! Mr. Cain, here is a bit of advice: supporting the “right of return” won’t get you in President Netanyahu’s good graces 🙂 Silly Republicans, do your homework.

* Also published over at the Huffington Post.


9 responses to “Dumb and Dumber: Gene Simmons & Herman Cain Sound Off on Obama and Israel.

  1. That’s hilarious. Better watch out! Gene’s a war machine.

  2. Would love to hear what President Benjanetanyahu would say about that!

  3. Gene Simmons still has more of an understanding of what it takes to defend Israel than the President. And the “el Presidente?” Really? That’s just him speaking and trying to be interesting (IMHO.)
    Now, on Cain, you are right. He was a deer in the headlights. But if you watch other interviews he admits that he didn’t know what right to return was but he at least studied for a day or two to understand it. I’m not saying he is a great foreign policy guy (and may never be) but at least he admitted his ignorance, which to me at least means he has some humility.

  4. Hate to say it, but Gene Simmons looks pretty bad-ass in the ‘War Machine’ video you posted in the comment section. Can’t get that shit out of my head now.

    I think Simmons has the zeal of the convert. He just traveled to Israel for the first time since he was a small kid, right? So, it’s all new for him. He probably feels like he wants to reconnect and he’s doing it the only way he knows how — by being a hardliner. If he was a real Israeli, he’d be comfortable disagreeing with his country.

  5. “If he was a real Israeli, he’d be comfortable disagreeing with his country”
    Why can’t he agree with B.N. that the 67 borders are indefensable?
    And who is to say he isn’t comfortable disagreeing with his country considering he is an American citizen and disagrees with Obama’s take.

  6. I don’t know a thing about Herman but, I’ve been a fan of Gene for a long time. I’m sad to say this (aside from some rather offensive song lyrics in the past) is the first time I’ve ever disagreed with him. While I would go to my grave to defend his right to speak his mind, this time he appears to be talking out his ass.

  7. “You can’t make policy on the moon unless you’ve been there!” Really? Tell that to Kennedy…he made policy on GOING there! So, by Gene’s logic only Neil Armstrong, etc, get to write policy on our moon?

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