Isaac to Sacrifice Abraham?

My good friend Aziz Abu Sarah, regular columnist for 972, published a piece based on a drasha he gave in a synagogue for Rosh Hashana. Its an important sermon that is worth your time. I make a small cameo in the article in which I introduce my dramatic sounding idea that peace calls on all of us – Israelis and Palestinian – to reverse the curse of Abraham: that violent primordial impulse that legitimizes sacrificing children on an ideological altar. I will develop this idea in detail when I have some time to come up for air. Speaking of, readers of this blog will notice that there have been very few post or comments as of late. The reason is that I’m currently holding three jobs and working on two degrees simultaneously. I simply have no time to write, publish or blog. But I will be back. Promise. In the meantime, enjoy and take heart in Aziz’s words.


One response to “Isaac to Sacrifice Abraham?

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