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Revolution Calling!

Protests are in the air and on the ground, and since protests are a social act, here are two pieces that I co-wrote/prepared dealing with recent social movements in Israel.

The first is a collection of personal reactions from Israelis living abroad to the revolution that is happening in their home country. The piece features Natasha Mozgovaya, Dan Arieli, Joel Schalit, Alon Ben Meir, Kobi Skolnick, myself and others. The piece was published in 972 and co-prepared with my good friend Ami Kaufman.

The second article is co-written with another good friend, Aziz Abu Sarah, and recalls our experience marching together for a Palestinian state in Jerusalem. With everything that’s been happening in Israel, the piece feels a little like yesterdays news (the protest took place July 15 and we wrote this a few weeks back) but it was an important demonstration that should not be forgotten.

Also published in Bahasa Indonesia, Arabic, French, Urdo, and Hebrew.